About Me

Hello, my name is Jan and I am a friendly, fully qualified and experienced therapist. I have worked for the NHS and also have a private practice as a CBT therapist.

If you are suffering from stress, anxiety or low mood, my aim is for us to work together to help you improve your sense of well-being and quality of life. I practise in a calm and peaceful therapy room in Weston Super Mare, North Somerset.

My specialist interest is in Compassion Focused Therapy (CFT) and Mindfulness which informs my work particularly with low self esteem and childhood trauma. This also bridges my previous experience as an Integrative Counsellor, approaching client work with the core conditions of empathy, honesty and acceptance. These continue to provide the basis for every therapeutic relationship in my practice.

Time away from responsibilities helps us all maintain balance in our lives. I enjoy walking my dog, good food and wine, friendships and family, reading a funny book or an exciting thriller or cooking a simple meal with fresh ingredients.

If you have any questions about whether I could help you, please feel free to contact me either by phone or by email and I’ll be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

I am an approved specialist provider with some private health insurance companies and in the process of registering with others. If your PMI (Private Medical Insurance) company is not listed, please contact me and I can apply to be registered so I can work with you. In addition I am also happy to see you if you are self funding.

If you  are looking to find a fully qualified CBT therapist, I advise you to visit the BABCP (British Association of Behavioural & Cognitive Psycotherapies)  website www.BABCP.com  where you can find a therapist and also verify their status.